Brigadier Lior Boker

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Brigadier Lior Boker, of blessed memory, his life and death

Brigadier Lior Boker, of blessed memory, was born on March 17, 1954 at the Scottish hospital in Tiberias. At the age of one he moved with his parents Rina and Michael Boiker from Kibbutz Misgav-Am to the city of Haifa.

Lior grew up in Haifa, studied at the elementary school in the name of “Chaya Ziv” in the German colony and at the High School “Bosmat” on Hadar Hacarmel. In 1997 he graduated and received his BA in political science at the Haifa University.

In 1972 he was drafted to the IDF and served in the infantry (armored infantrymen); during his
service he fought in the Yom Kippur War and at the southern front.

Upon completion of his military service on June 2, 1975 he joined the Israeli Police Force and served as a patrolman and detective in Haifa. In 1982 he graduated from the police officers course and served until 1984 – as  instructor at the National Police Academy in the name of "Inspector General Aron Sela". Later on  he became the head of investigations at the Zvulun Police Station, deputy commander of the Zvulun Police Station, Commander at the Hadera Police Station, head of the Drugs’ Department at the Central Unit of the North, Deputy Chief of the valleys’ region and in his last position as Operations Officer of the northern district.



Lior was killed in the line of duty on December 2, 2010 in the Carmel forest fire disaster, while risking his life trying to save others. Survivors of the inferno tell that Lior could have succeeded in getting himself out, but he chose to remain at the center of the fire and tried to help those trapped, until he was perished with them.

His many years of service and the circumstances of his death attest to his outstanding determination in doing his job, courage, perseverance and dedication to the mission, for which he received posthumously the "Medal of Distinguished Service" of the Israeli Police Force and the "IPA World Police Prize"

In deep unbearable pain, his widow Nava and her daughters Paz and Ramot – from a previous marriage - who grew up with him since early childhood in a paternal brave relationship, very understanding and a mutual respect, his beloved daughters –from a previous marriage – Noa, Avishag and Nofar, his brother Ronnie and his wife Esther and his children - from a previous marriage - Aviad and Liron and his parents Rina and Michael Boker, will  remember Lior and mourn his death.

His friends will remember him as a man of compassion, philanthropist, a gentle and true friend.